Tony Nash, chief executive. Source: Supplied by Booktopia

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Paul Brescia

Fighting (and winning) against Amazon: The Booktopia model

Paul Brescia
9 minute Read

In Australia’s retail book market, some 1.2 billion sales are tracked every year. From that 1.2 billion, online retailer Booktopia accounts for between 17%-18%.

Not bad for a company founded in 2004 with a budget of $10 per day to spend on Google Ads. So, how do they do it? Part of the answer is, automation.

I travelled to the company’s combined distribution centre and offices in Lidcombe, in Sydney’s inner west to see the latest investments Booktopia has made in automation, including robots, conveyors and wrapping machines. These are the tools that help the company ship out between 30,000 to 40,000 units per day — and take on the Amazons of the industry.

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