Brownyn Le Grice is the managing director of ANDHealth. Source: supplied.

Paul Brescia

Bronwyn Le Grice on why she doesn’t chase unicorns — and thinks founders shouldn’t either

Paul Brescia
Female Entrepreneurs
6 minute Read

As the recent winner of the Victorian Pearcey Award, and founder of digital health accelerator ANDhealth, Bronwyn Le Grice is an expert on innovation and how to grow SMEs into scalable, sound businesses.

After all, outside of her digital health experience she co-founded and grew ‘AirBnB for pets’ company PetHomeStay alongside her partner Tom Le Grice.

Coming from a business due-diligence background, she tells SmartCompany Plus that when she set up ANDhealth in 2017 and was asked about the sustainability plan, she responded, “I don’t know if there is one. It might not work. If it doesn’t work it shouldn’t exist.”

It did work. A six-month project turned into a five-year CEO role.

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