Redeploying staff is more simple than it may seem. Source: Unsplash/This Is Engineering.

Sharon Williams

Checklist: How to retrain and redeploy your existing staff during the COVID-19 talent drought

Sharon Williams
4 minute Read

The last 18 months have created unprecedented pressures on employee management, from how to motivate, to mental and physical health, to more or less working hours, pay cuts, changes in working location and decisions on whether to keep teams employed or not, while employees themselves increasingly contemplate career changes and career direction. 

Part of the joy of being in business for 26 years is that I’ve lived through many challenges.

But the pandemic has been different: it’s on our doorstep and it has endangered health. The global financial crisis is probably the nearest parallel with and, while it was responsible for the deaths of financially broken families and executives, it didn’t kill as COVID-19 has threatened to kill. 

So what can businesses do in such extraordinary circumstances. Hire, fire, explain, cut, hold together? The answer for most employers was all of these. 

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