Company Culture

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Anita Wingrove

Truth, lies and surveys: Most data on company culture is not credible

Anita Wingrove
3 minute Read

Mission statements, town halls, roadshows and engagement surveys can be useful in illustrating company culture, but they’re only painting half of a picture.

In 2022, there are four initiatives that organisations must employ to gain deeper understanding of their company culture. These will reveal any underlying cultural issues, as well as opportunities for retention, improved performance and strategic growth.

Cultural misalignment

Did you know that organisations with mature and aligned cultures can be up to four times more profitable than those without? It’s little wonder that CEOs and executive leaders are hungry for any and all measures to understand how they can harness this key business driver. 

Often, though, efforts to define and quantify company culture are surface-level at best, and only paint half a picture. Actions based on flawed or incomplete data can lead to the wrong culture-change initiatives, or an under-investment that leaves risk lurking beneath the surface. 

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