There are simple changes you can make to better the customer experience. Source: Unsplash/Berkeley Communications.

Bri Williams

Eleven ways to better your customer service and win customers over

Bri Williams
5 minute Read

It’s no surprise that how you treat your customers is key to gaining and retaining them. What is a surprise is so that many businesses are getting the basics wrong.

Just recently I experienced some appalling customer service from a leading Australian software business, so I thought I might share some of what they botched in the process and the behavioural science of how to get it right. 

“I” beats “we”

‘We’, ‘we’, ‘we’ statements like “we can’t do that” or “our policy says we are able to…” will grind the gears of your customer. Why? They sound motherhood-y and like you are hiding behind layers of bureaucracy. Customers much preferred the use of “I”, such as “I will look into that…” or “let me see what I can do” because it signals accountability and empowerment.

The use of “I” has also been found to activate parts of the brain where people “feel” the action. That means it’s especially important to use first person “I” pronouns when communicating actions that you or your customer needs to undertake.

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