Some businesses think they are undergoing a digital transformation when they are merely mutating. Source: Unsplash/Luis Benito.

Miles Toolin

How to make sure your digital transformation journey is effective

Miles Toolin
Business Advice
4 minute Read

Is your business effectively undergoing a digital transformation journey, or is it mutating?

When I think of the term ‘transform’, I have visions of a slick-looking Transformer toy from my childhood days such as Optimus Prime. Everything about them was streamlined, right down to the core and they were far superior to anything we had seen before, but all had one common goal: going to war.

Now if I think of ‘mutating’, my mind goes back to another favourite childhood toy of mine, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). These were mutated, larger turtles that could talk and use their ninja powers for the greater good… and they loved pizza! They weren’t accepted and were continually rejected.

I know you’re probably reading this thinking, what does all this have to do with digital transformation in a corporate setting? But stay with me here, because it absolutely does.

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