Businesses need to take ransomware seriously. Source: Unsplash/jackson_983

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Paul Brescia

Ransomware tactics evolving, positive deviants, and staying innovative while cost cutting

Paul Brescia
1 minute Read

Every week, SmartCompany Plus brings you The Best of Everything, From Everywhere. This week, we’ve brought you seven reasons why your employees aren’t hearing your key business messages, why your business needs rebels, and why ransomware attacks are becoming more common.

Want to know how to keep your innovation measures rolling without a big budget? Check out the second link.

‘Positive deviants’: Why rebellious workers spark great ideas

A group of young, ‘rogue’ engineers were first ignored by NASA in the 1980s when they claimed its mission control set up from the 60’s Apollo missions was no longer fit for purpose. They ended up saving NASA almost $100 million.

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