Be clear, be upfront when firing. Source: Unsplash/christinhumephoto

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‘Be rigorous, not ruthless’: Advice on firing from 10 world-leading entrepreneurs

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Nothing is more difficult than telling an employee they have lost their job, but almost no business or senior manager can avoid it. The crucial ingredient is to do it with transparency and humanity.

“When you’ve reached the demarcation line and have decided to replace someone in a key seat, keep in mind an essential distinction: Be rigorous, not ruthless,” writes business guru Jim Collins in Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0.

“Rigor means applying self-honesty and confronting head-on the need to remove someone from a key seat. But being rigorous in decision making doesn’t mean being ruthless in how you go about making the change. To be rigorous, not ruthless, requires a blend of courage and compassion.

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