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John Batistich

Hypergrowth playbook: 11 tactics shared by the world’s fastest growing companies

John Batistich
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What do companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Alphabet (Google), Netflix, Shopify, Salesforce, Adobe, Spotify, Tesla, Xero, Atlassian, Tencent, Pin Duo Duo and Alibaba have in common? These largely technology-based companies are among the only companies on the planet that have seen consistent double-digit revenue growth over the last five years.

Through COVID, these companies are not just surviving, but thriving, reaching all-time-high market valuations. Some say these companies are now priced for perfection, but investors continue to own and buy shares in these companies because they are seen to be the most resilient and best positioned to strengthen post-crisis and continue to dominate their markets, changing the way we work, create, connect, shop and play.

Learning from the most disruptive and fastest growing companies on the planet is valuable for all businesses at any stage or size. 

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