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Thrive Global boss Arianna Huffington. Women's Agenda/Shutterstock.

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Fear, crisis, failure: How the best entrepreneurs confront ‘the struggle’, and bounce back stronger

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Business books are crammed full of success stories, heroics and winners, but the reality is often very different — and it needs to be confronted. Coping with adversity is probably the most important reality of all for almost every entrepreneur.

This expert’s playbook draws on the wisdom of Ben Horowitz, Arianna Huffington, Safra Catz, Jim Collins and more. Learn how they think about — and confront — fear, and turn setbacks or problems into something good. 

The struggle is real

“Every entrepreneur starts her company with a clear vision for success. Then, after working night and day to make your vision a reality, you wake up to find that things did not go as planned.

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