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Vlad Demsar

How to turn your business digital and embrace hybrid working

Vlad Demsar
Business Advice, Information Technology
5 minute Read

Every business will essentially become digital. The traditional workforce as we know it has transformed into a hybrid, distributed and work from anywhere digital environment.

While Gartner revealed 82% of leaders plan to adopt hybrid workforces, the work from home (WFH) culture is giving way to a distributed, work from anywhere (WFA) model. There is no data that supports this is going to change.

Many organisations assume they have already adopted hybrid models; however, there is still a way to go for businesses to slipstream long-term efficiency, productivity, and remote engagement.

As businesses continue to transform, redesign, reinvent and respond to modern workforce needs, technology is paving the way with solutions that create enhanced human connection, collaboration and enterprise-grade experiences for remote and in-office employees.

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