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Google Chrome wasn't the first search engine, but it has market dominance now. Source: Unsplash/Rajeshwar Bachu

Paul Brescia

Failing with grace, Facebook’s remote work plan, and the online slander industry

Paul Brescia
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Every week, SmartCompany Plus brings you The Best of Everything, From Everywhere. This week, we’ve brought you an article explaining Facebook’s post-pandemic remote work plan, Google’s move to limit online slander, and why EU-businesses are sticking with China.

Want to know how to fail gracefully in the event your startup doesn’t succeed? Check out the second link.

Facebook remote working plan extended to all staff for long term

Facebook will now allow all of its employees to request for remote work, but its subcontractors who carry out content moderation don’t have the same luxury.

Startups and art of failing with grace

Almost every successfully founder has failed at least once, if not hundreds of times. Here’s how to make sure that failure doesn’t destroy your business relationships.

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