Acquisitions can benefit a company's growth strategy if executed correctly. Source: Unsplash/Smartworks Coworking.

Alex West

Why your growth strategy should include acquisitions, and three steps to get started

Alex West
Mergers and Acquisitions
4 minute Read

When you’re an up-and-coming business kicking goals, there’s a lot to be said for embarking on a process of acquisitions. For starters, joining forces with a competitor business or complementary service is like downing a corporate-sized protein shake — you get big, fast. 

Depending on the arrangements, this can have many potential advantages:

  • Expanding your reach into new physical territories or new markets; 
  • Quickly building market share without waiting for organic growth; 
  • Gaining access to a new talent pool of experts with matched or complementary skills; and
  • Cutting or amortising costs by streamlining facilities and/or resources.

With more than 20 years’ experience in senior management positions in telcos including Vocus, Superloop and PIPE Networks (now TPG), I’ve been involved in around 50 company integrations to date, and have learnt what does and doesn’t work well.

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