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Lois Maskiell

Hiring in the COVID era: Four strategies recruiters are using to overcome pandemic challenges

Lois Maskiell
Recruitment & Hiring
5 minute Read

The effects of the global pandemic on hiring practices have touched every industry though not uniformly, with sectors such as information technology and e-commerce witnessing a boom.

In Australia, the closure of international borders has led to a smaller talent pool, while the uncertainty of the pandemic created a reluctance among workers to leave their current employer.

Stay-at-home orders meant employers could only gauge a potential candidate’s suitability for a role in virtual meetings, taking the benefits of in-person communication out of the interview equation.

These issues have made selecting the right candidate more challenging and increased the cost of a bad hire. In fact, research by Robert Half found the average cost of a bad hire is now between 15% to 21% of that employee’s salary.

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