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Anthony Cavanagh

Authentic relationships can last decades: How to effectively engage with Indigenous communities

Anthony Cavanagh
4 minute Read

This week is Reconciliation Week and as an Aboriginal man, who is also the chief executive of a charity that helps Aboriginal youth transition from education to employment, I meet a lot of business owners who want to engage with Indigenous communities. 

The problem is — many of them don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed or intimidated by reaching out to community. However, with a foundation based on genuine interest, mutual respect and meaningful relationships, Australian businesses have a great opportunity to bridge the gap between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal Australia.  

Build relationships that are long-term and meaningful, over quick and transactional

Once you have an authentic relationship with an Aboriginal community, this relationship can last for decades. However creating these relationships requires a long-term approach, over one-off, transactional-style interactions. 

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