These simple tweaks will make a big difference. Source: Unsplash/UX Indonesia.

Bri Williams

Five tweaks in two weeks: Small changes that will make a big difference to your business

Bri Williams
Business Advice
4 minute Read

I’m guessing you want less to do, not more? And you want the things you do to generate better results and improve your business?

Here are five easy, science-based tweaks you can make within two weeks. Small refinements to your business that will have a big impact.

Five tweaks



The first piece of information people receive is the most important because it “anchors”, or sets, their expectations. This is especially important in two domains: price and time.

Steve Jobs knew all about anchoring prices. When announcing the first ever iPad, he set expectations at $999 by talking about what “pundits” believed the price would be. He then revealed the true cost as “only” $499. We just saved $500, what a relief!

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