InDebted founder and CEO Josh Foreman. Source: supplied.

Josh Foreman

Lessons from InDebted’s four-day work week

Josh Foreman
3 minute Read

One of the only silver linings of the pandemic is that it forced businesses to think differently about the nature of work and how we do it. With employee burnout increasingly threatening the modern workplace, some businesses like InDebted have endeavored to get on the front foot in the mission to prioritise mental health, wellbeing, and employee happiness.

After seeing clear, tangible benefits from its remote-first model, InDebted decided to go a step further: cue the four-day work week.

In this piece, InDebted founder and CEO Josh Foreman reflects on what the first three months of InDebted’s new way of working has been like, and the impact it has had on the business as a whole.

How did you complete the transition?

Following extensive research and planning, we began with an opt-in pilot program across select teams and closely monitored how the four-day work week affected productivity, happiness, and delivery of quarterly goals. Following resounding positive feedback, we rolled out our company-wide four-day work week via a phased approach and began transitioning teams from September 2021.

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