Vocus Communications founder and Beforepay lead investor James Spenceley, and Beforepay co-founder Tarek Ayoub. Source: supplied.

James Spenceley

To IPO, or not to IPO? That is the question

James Spenceley
5 minute Read

Going public might be considered a rite of passage for maturing startups, but it’s not a foregone conclusion. Some businesses thrive amid the hectic pace and spotlight of an IPO and subsequent listing, while others find it a yoke around their neck.

‘To IPO or not to IPO?” is a question that keeps the founders of thriving startups awake at night. If so, when?

I have overseen three major Initial Public Offerings: Vocus, a fibre and network solutions provider that I founded in 2007; fixed wireless and wholesale network infrastructure provider Swoop; and sharing economy marketplace Airtasker. 

I can confirm there is no instruction manual for getting through the complex processes and restructuring to become a listed business, but having someone around with experience certainly helps a lot.

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