In a competitive market for talent, it's important to stand out. Source: Unsplash/Brooke Cagle.

Irene Georgakopoulos

Marketing for recruitment: The tactics you should use to find the best talent

Irene Georgakopoulos
3 minute Read

After two years of dealing with a global pandemic, it’s no surprise that the search for talent is undergoing a major upheaval. Staff losses through burnout, low replacement rates due to slowing immigration and a diminishing number of graduates coming through the education system have all contributed to a shortage of talent that we’re now facing in the short to medium term.

As a business owner, I’ve found I’m spending more effort marketing for talent than marketing for clients. The demand for services is there, but the right talent is harder to find. Here’s how to address this challenge.

Find out what the talent wants

In a competitive market for talent, you need to attract candidates with as many incentives as you can — within reason and aligned with your business’ values. Survey your current team about the things they like about their role and ask for suggestions for improvements. Don’t forget to offer them the same benefits as it needs to be a fair, business-wide policy, not just for new recruits.

While many businesses jump to offering more pay, holidays or bonuses, I’ve actually found that while people do need to be compensated well, it’s often the less tangible things that they enjoy most about their job: their co-workers; sharing skills; being supported; having autonomy; being empowered; flexible working conditions; good work/life balance; and advancing their knowledge and experience.

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