Emma Bowyer_ICMSA

Emma Bowyer is the owner and managing director of ICMSA. Source: supplied.

My Biggest Mistake
Sophie Venz

My biggest mistake: Emma Bowyer, owner of ICSMA

Sophie Venz
3 minute Read

Emma Bowyer has been involved in the events management industry for more than 17 years, and has been managing director at ICMS Australia (ICMSA) for more than a decade.

In her time personally managing events — some with more than 6000 individuals in attendance — Bowyer has had to learn how to build relationships and ensure client policy is delivered and satisfactory.

But as Bowyer tells SmartCompany Plus, sometimes having a mindset of ‘the customer is always right’ does far more harm than good.

The mistake

Bowyer says her biggest mistake occurred about 10 years ago, when ICMSA was working with a “very difficult client”. Bowyer can’t legally name the client, but she does tell SmartCompany Plus the contract was worth millions of dollars.

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