Helen Tarrant, founder of Unikorn Commercial Property. Source: supplied.

My Biggest Mistake
Sophie Venz

My biggest mistake: Helen Tarrant, founder of Unikorn Commercial Property

Sophie Venz
4 minute Read

When Helen Tarrant migrated to Australia, her family had $70 to its name. As an adult, Tarrant made the decision to start investing in commercial real estate, which saw her quickly build a $10 million dollar portfolio by obtaining 20 properties in just five years.

Tarrant now uses her experience to teach others how to build and manage these types of investments — but as with all experiences, she didn’t get here without making a few mistakes along the way.

In an interview with SmartCompany Plus, Tarrant explains why her biggest mistake centres around the people she had working in her business, Unikorn Commercial Property, as it grew.

The mistake

Tarrant summarises the mistake by saying it all boils down to not having the right team together from the get-go.

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