Samantha Wills. Credit: Scott Ehler

My Biggest Mistake
Paul Brescia

My biggest mistake: Samantha Wills, founder of Samantha Wills Jewellery

Paul Brescia
3 minute Read

Moving too far away from your brand identity too quickly can cause a disconnect between how you see your business, and how your customers perceive it.

For creative designer and entrepreneur Samantha Wills, the biggest mistake she made while running her self-titled jewellery business was an attempt to mimic the design of the higher-end brands being stocked by luxury, tier-one retailers.

Wills closed her $10 million business in 2018, and released a memoir on her experiences early this year.

The mistake

Wills made a bold design change from one season to another in 2011, removing the bohemian turquoise and statement stones that were synonymous with her brand. In came polished metals and minimal designs, which were on trend at the time.

The core placement for her self-titled brand was around $120 for a necklace. Suddenly, she was selling $500+ necklaces, with no design elements that their customers were familiar with.

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