Cocoa beans in a cacao pod. Source: US Department of Agriculture

Paul Brescia

Fake humans testing real data, chocolate makers escape slavery liability, and the Chinese entrepreneurs cashing out

Paul Brescia
1 minute Read

Every week, SmartCompany Plus brings you The Best of Everything, From Everywhere. This week, that includes four customer service secrets from Amazon, a US Supreme Court ruling on supply chain slavery liabilities, and an examination of ‘synthetic’ data firms.

Curious about the supposed ‘entrepreneur exodus’ in China? Check out the third link.

These creepy fake humans herald a new age in AI

Synthetic data companies sell computer-generated people to test AI models. They’re cheaper than real-world data, but will they eliminate bias?

US Supreme Court blocks child slavery lawsuit against chocolate firms

NestlĂ© and Cargill can’t be held responsible for their third-party cocoa farmers in West Africa using child slave labour, after the Supreme Court ruled US courts cannot penalise company behaviour overseas.

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