Virtual mentoring

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Sophie McCarthy

The six essential ingredients needed to make virtual mentoring a success

Sophie McCarthy
2 minute Read

One of the challenges for business owners with employees working remotely is how they can enable and support them to learn and develop from more experienced leaders and, at the same time, ensure their wellbeing, connection and engagement.

Pre-pandemic, this kind of mentoring was often provided informally, even unconsciously, as people worked alongside one another, met over coffee or shared a quick insight with a colleague. For others, it was a formal program of face-to-face mentoring sessions with dedicated time and structures for key people to share knowledge, manage challenges, and learn from experienced leaders.

Effective mentoring helps people to reset, clarify goals, test decisions and develop strategies with a trusted, experienced sounding board.

Clearly, face-to-face support has been all but impossible during lockdowns and many people will continue to work remotely into the future.

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