Building a company that people won't want to leave is no easy feat, but these strategies can help you get started.

Kim Seeling Smith

How to build a company that people won’t leave in the hybrid era

Kim Seeling Smith
People, The Great Opportunity
4 minute Read

Remote work has left Australians feeling invisible. Fresh research from Adaptavist revealed that a whopping 72% of Australian office workers feel invisible to their colleagues on digital platforms.

As we emerge from lockdowns, organisations are making decisions about office vs remote vs hybrid work structures, and these feelings of invisibility must be considered.

According to Adaptavist’s chief executive Simon Haighton-Williams, “A key learning from the global 2021 Digital Etiquette Study is that companies need to communicate and engage more with employees, to better understand how work has changed and what employees need to be more effective and ultimately happier in their work.”

“The last 18 months has driven many organisations and teams apart and distrust has grown, with 37% of Australians actively pursuing finding a new job outside of their current organisation. Of those respondents, 66% are looking for another job directly related to how the company responded to COVID-19,” Haighton-Williams says.

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