Businesses should go into 2022 considering how they can best retain talent. Source: Unsplash/Saulo Mohana.

Rhys Hughes

The key to retaining talent is career progression. Here are three ways to start

Rhys Hughes
Professional Development
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Undoubtedly, the massive shift to remote work during the global pandemic has had a profound impact on how people think about when and where they want to work, leading to difficulty for businesses in retaining talent.

According to Skillsoft’s survey of more than 2300 workers or people looking for work across Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, 89% wanted at least one COVID-19 practice adopted permanently in their day-to-day lives. On average, just 11% of respondents were happy to return to how things were.

The trouble is, once everything started to reopen, businesses expected employees to jump back on the 9-5 bandwagon, picking up where they left off pre-pandemic. Employees are reacting to that expectation, deciding they’d rather ditch the commute and daily office grind.

Here’s why businesses need to put their employees’ career progression first in order to avoid losing top talent.

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