Myriota co-founder Alex Grant. Source: supplied.

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Paul Brescia

Selling space: How Myriota brings its high-tech back to Earth

Paul Brescia
Emerging Technology
7 minute Read

As the cost of launching objects into space comes down and the availability of private space launches increases, getting a satellite into space can cost half a million dollars instead of millions.

It’s also a function of size and weight. From satellites measured in tonnes, the sector has moved to kilograms. These small satellites are called ‘cubesats’, because they are built in 10cm x 10cm modules.

Cubesats have completely reshaped the economics and viability of space-enabled businesses. Space used to exclusively be the domain of governments, and the defence contractors that worked alongside them.

Now startups like Myriota, which offers satellite-linked remote communications for internet-of-things (IoT) devices, can flourish.

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