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Get them talking: Seven strategies for getting separate teams to work effectively in meetings

Harvard Business Review
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When representatives from different departments come together in multidisciplinary groups, they often continue to operate as separate compartments instead of harmoniously contributing to the overarching purpose of the team. This becomes obvious in cross-departmental meetings, where people will focus on their individual priorities, showing little to no interest in others in the room.

Luckily, managers can change these dynamics and turn their meetings into a more collaborative endeavour. To create a coordinated team from a collection of siloed individuals, you need to generate “cross talk” — conversations among team members about each other’s areas of work.

Seven strategies to help you get people talking


Become comfortable being uncomfortable

If you want to change your team’s behavior, start by changing yours. Allow yourself and others to feel some discomfort. This may result in some awkward silences or a few probing questions when something isn’t clear. By modeling such behavior, the team will learn that the only way out of the discomfort is to participate in the conversation.

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