There are key signs a staff member is planning to leave.

Cameron Shepherd

The 10 signs your staff member is about to resign

Cameron Shepherd
The Great Opportunity
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Worried your staff member is about to resign? The below are signs that they’re probably thinking about it.

If one of these behaviours surfaces there is generally no cause for alarm, but if you see a cluster of them happening then it’s time to investigate and prepare for the worst — particularly if what you are seeing is out of character for the employee.

The 10 signs


Reduction in discretionary effort

Choosing to do above the minimum required is strongly linked to levels of engagement. An employee who starts to clock-watch and stops going the extra mile is often one of the first signs that they have one foot out the door, as they might be asking themselves “Why should I invest any more time/effort than the bare minimum when I won’t be here to see the results?”.

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