The world's first commercially sold lab-grown meat, from Eat Just. Source: Eat Just

Paul Brescia

Singapore’s Silicon Valley of food, Chile’s hydrogen strategy, and the return of live-streamed shopping

Paul Brescia
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Every week, SmartCompany Plus brings you The Best of Everything, From Everywhere. This week, that includes how Singapore is attracting the world’s alternative-protein startups, how Ireland is fighting against a global minimum tax rate, and why 40% of Chile’s inbound investments were in renewable energy last year.

And, the growing retail trend of live-streamed shopping: US$5.6 billion in sales last year, US$11 billion anticipated this year, and US$26 billion predicted by 2023.

Singapore cultivates ‘Silicon Valley of food’ in a hungry Asia

With the world’s first approval of lab-grown meat, more than 15 alternative protein companies have set up shop in Singapore in the past two years.

Chile’s green lessons for emerging markets

Chile aims to leverage its abundant wind and solar power to produce and export green hydrogen, with 40% of the county’s inbound investment in 2020 focused on renewable energy.

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