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Thomas Grainger

Six simple tips for promoting your business on TikTok

Thomas Grainger
Content Marketing, Marketing
5 minute Read

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the world’s most culturally and commercially influential platforms. Shopping, fashion, retail and e-commerce are huge on TikTok — with over 4.6 billion views for the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit globally. The communities engaging with #tiktokmademebuyit are powerful. They have launched brands; spawned movements; and invented, co-created and sold out products, all in record time.

With the SME community growing rapidly on TikTok, we have witnessed the power of TikTok for building brands — not only in starting a conversation with customers in authentic way, but also as a tool for receiving real time feedback. TikTok has become a platform not only to promote your products and services, but an avenue for market research, product ideation and customer feedback.

It’s those small business owners who see themselves as regular TikTok creators and lean in to the power of TikTok’s community that have seen success on the platform.

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