There are simple moves businesses can make to survive the drought. Source: Unsplash/Maarten Van Del Heuvel.

Darren Scott

The talent war has turned to drought: Three steps to ensure your business survives

Darren Scott
4 minute Read

In Australia, there are currently around 400,000 positions that need filling — and no new overseas talent. It’s a challenge facing every business… or is it an opportunity to rethink skill development and hone the experience of your workforce and talent pool?

Finding the right person, with the right experience, at the right time, is becoming more complex. What’s the problem? What skills do we have? Does that skill have a name yet? Who else could help? Are they available? Is there a contract in place?

These are all questions that keep business owners and entrepreneurs up at night, and with good reason.

The 'war on talent' has turned to a drought

Although Australia’s unemployment rate is falling (4.6% in July), this doesn’t tell the full story for businesses facing their own talent crisis.

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