A good leader is difficult to replace on a whim. Source: Unsplash/Julien Flutto.

Anne Lyons

Are you about to lose your best leader to The Great Resignation? Here’s how to prepare

Anne Lyons
Training & Development
4 minute Read

Recent media reports about the United States’ Great Resignation started me thinking about what effect it will have on leaders and leadership roles in our private and public sectors.

If the numbers in the US are anything to go by, Australia will soon be facing its own Great Resignation and it could be catastrophic.

Many people now recognise that there can be a better, different way to earn a living, and actually live — instead of battling with a thankless 9-5 job, a massive dull commute, hours spent away from family, pets and friends, and so many other positives that working from home awakened them to.

But it’s not just about COVID-19.

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