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Jarryd Bradley

How to get people to love your business: Junkee founder Tim Duggan shows us how to achieve cult status

Jarryd Bradley
Business Advice
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Tim Duggan’s Cult Status is a literary roadmap for prospective entrepreneurs seeking to navigate and make an impact in today’s business climate. Cult Status takes incredibly complex and nuanced concepts and distills them into seven simple and cleverly communicated steps.

These seven steps provide guiding principles for all entrepreneurs to create a meaningful “cult status” brand. In describing these seven steps, Duggan articulates and reveals an unspoken change in societal expectations of businesses and the role that consumers expect a business to play in their community, all while providing legitimate and proven measures for success.

Duggan's seven steps to achieve cult status branding


Think impact first

Businesses must reckon with the changing tide of social expectations. Impact and mission must supersede the pursuit of profit if you are to have any hope of establishing a cult status brand.

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