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Inside the Tinderverse, and why Jack Dorsey’s exit is a welcomed one

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Every week, SmartCompany Plus brings you The Best of Everything, From Everywhere. This week, we’ve shared why Jack Dorsey’s exit from Twitter in entirety is a welcomed change, how electric vehicle use could be increased and the new partnership between Uber and WhatsApp.

Want to find out what the Tinderverse is, and why the dating app is trying to merge offline and online worlds? Check out the first link.

Welcome to the Tinderverse: Tinder’s CEO talks metaverse, virtual currency

Dating app Tinder is exploring how to blur the boundaries between offline and online worlds, CEO Renate Nyborg said in an interview at the Reuters Next conference.

Why Jack Dorsey’s total exit from twitter is unusual — and welcome

Unlike many founders, who exit the CEO job only to hang on as executive chairman or a director for years, Dorsey is leaving both roles.

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