Urban Ethos co-founders Michael and Chantel Vidor. Source: supplied.

The Right Stuff
Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

How the father-daughter team behind Urban Ethos increased revenue by 500% in 12 months

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien
Startup Advice
6 minute Read

They say when you’re running a business, you can quickly end up spending more time with your colleagues than your family. But when your team and your family are one and the same, does that make for harmonious relationships all round, or tensions both at work and at home?

For father-and-daughter duo Michael and Chantel Vidor, co-founders of Urban Ethos, running a business together has not only strengthened their relationship, it’s led to business success as well.

Urban Ethos creates eco-friendly household products including bamboo toilet paper, sugarcane bin bags, and reusable spray bottles with dissolvable tabs that are mixed with water to create a cleaning solution.

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