There's a significant advantage to getting on the crypto bandwagon early. Source: Unsplash/Jason Briscoe.

Sean Tolkin

Digital finance is the future. Here’s a guide to using crypto in business

Sean Tolkin
Emerging Technology
4 minute Read

We’re living in an era of financial innovation with the rise of cryptocurrencies. As traditional money digitally transforms, so will the future of finance in business and our daily lives.

The adoption of digital assets is the next competitive advantage for your growing business, keeping you ahead for this new era of traditional finance.

Here is an introduction to cryptocurrency, the primary use of blockchain technology and how best to position your business to benefit from this emerging market and technology.

What is cryptocurrency and blockchain?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used as an incentive for participants to maintain a blockchain. A blockchain combines distributed ledger and encryption technology that stores any information uploaded to the chain in blocks approximately every ten minutes. More often than not, this information regards any peer-to-peer transactions, like sending Bitcoin from one wallet to another.

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