From L-R: Kylie Frazer, Nancy Shellhorn, Brownyn Le Grice, Jill Berry, Ruby Kolesky, Kate Quirke, Anastasia Volkova, Maria Halasz, Silvia Pfeiffer, Gabrielle Munzer, Jeanette Cheah, and Julia Reisser.

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Innovation unlocked: How 12 women shaping Australia’s future find their ideas

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Female Entrepreneurs, Technology
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There are many women working in the technology sector, forging Australia — and the world — forward with their innovation.

But how do these innovative ideas come about? SmartCompany Plus chatted with 12 of Australia’s women in tech to find out.

Kylie Frazer, co-founder and partner at Flying Fox Ventures

Innovation occurs where a meaningful problem collides with a team who has the vision and resources to do something about it. To find innovation, you have to find the problem and you have to find the people. Sometimes we start with the problem and actively search for the best teams working on solutions. Other times we are blown away by the people and let them take us on a whirlwind learning journey of the problems they are obsessed with.

Kylie Frazer_Flying Fox

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