Zero Co founder Mike Smith.

Paul Brescia

How Zero Co is reducing plastic waste, and how your business can too

Paul Brescia
Climate Change: The Silver Linings, Sustainability
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Last week, Zero Co made headlines after breaking a ream of records for its $11 million equity crowdfunding campaign — mere days after announcing it had secured $6 million in venture capital funding from Square Peg.

The raise follows on from its initial 2019 campaign, where Zero Co’s pitch was to remove one million plastic bottles from the planet by offering reusable, refillable cleaning products delivered to its customers’ homes.

But founder Mike Smith quickly realised the single-use plastic problem is deeper and more complex than just the end product purchased.

As he tells SmartCompany Plus, “We were so focused on solving the single use plastic problem, and building this solution for everyday Aussies to get rid of single use plastic across their everyday cleaning products.

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