Aubrey Blanche’s letter from the editor

Aubrey Blanche

Aubrey Blanche, global head of equitable design and impact at Culture Amp. Source: supplied.

Over the last few years, International Women’s Day has become something of a zeitgeist: every year we see corporates all over the world hosting events and panels, changing their social media logos, and proclaiming their commitment to advancing women in the workplace.

And surely, the last few years have seen representation across the tech and startup space inch up… slowly.

While I’m not one to begrudge progress, it’s become pretty clear that almost all of the progress we’ve seen has accrued to a single demographic group: straight, white, cisgender, non-disabled, economically privileged women.

It’s Corporate White Feminism, it’s not acceptable, and it’s not actually all that different. It screws over anyone who doesn’t identify that way, and we can do better.

It’s long past time that we get intersectional and create all opportunities for all women (and step up as allies for our non-binary siblings).

This year, I’m saying if we want to truly live the #GenerationEquality manta, we need to be willing to use our privileges and act as allies for the women and non-binary people who face greater barriers than we do.

When tasked with making this change, leaders often respond with questions.

‘Isn’t this a pipeline issue? Where are the folks we’re supposed to help?’

‘How am I alone supposed to help?’

This International Women’s Day, I’m thrilled to be editing SmartCompany’s newsletter to answer just those questions (For the record, it’s a ‘you have built a homogenous network’ problem, not a pipeline one.)

All the content in this newsletter is written by and about women and non-binary people with intersectionally marginalised identities. In addition to incredible stories highlighting the creativity, brilliance, and impact of these incredible individuals and organisations, every story will come with at least three actions you can do — today — to share your privilege.

My wishes for IWD this year?

  1. White women giving up their panel seats to women of colour. In perpetuity.
  2. Celebrating and advancing trans women, and companies adopting trans-inclusive policies. (Use this.)
  3. Ensuring that all workspaces and events this year are accessible for people of all abilities.

Let me know how you go: I’d love to amplify you from my digital soapbox (@adblanche).


Aubrey Blanche
The Mathpath and Culture Amp’s Global Head of Equitable Design & Impact


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