Master Pilates

Master Pilates

Master Pilates founder Ann Wilde.

Owner: Ann Wilde

Location: Victoria

Industry: Sport and recreation

Founded: 2010

Employees: 2


Melbourne-based Master Pilates didn’t miss a single day of trading when COVID-19 restrictions came along on March 24.

Business owner Ann Wilde says by March 25, she pivoted from offering face-to-face classes to streaming online classes, and received a great response from her existing clients.

For 11 years, Master Pilates has been offering in-studio pilates classes, so transitioning to live-streaming was a significant change in operations.

Wilde says once live-stream classes were running, her and her team of instructors began working on a new online platform called The Bubble, which allows them to offer clients recorded lessons which clients can view anytime.

Along with a shakeup in class offerings, Wilde tried a new marketing strategy and shifted from relying on word-of-mouth to advertising The Bubble on Facebook and Google with the help of a marketing agency.

The challenge for Wilde, however, was how to keep the personal connection she has with her clients — something she says makes Master Pilates stand out from other studios.

“I found it difficult and challenging to maintain a connection to my clients and my instructors when I couldn’t see them in person,” Wilde says.

Wilde overcame the distance by connecting with her clients and staff with regular emails, updates and meetings via Zoom.

“Even though it has been challenging, COVID-19 has had a silver lining for Master Pilates,” she says.


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