Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about SmartCompany and our subscriber-only service, SmartCompany Plus

Questions about SmartCompany Plus


What is SmartCompany Plus?

SmartCompany Plus is a new, premium subscription service being offered by SmartCompany, which brings together tools, resources, guides, and high-profile interviews, each with takeaways that you can apply to your business.

How much does it cost?

SmartCompany Plus costs $9.90 per month or $99 for a year (inclusive of GST).

How is it different from SmartCompany?

SmartCompany Plus was designed and developed in direct response to business owners and entrepreneurs who told us they needed specific information, strategic advice and guides to fast moving challenges. 

Plus gives you access to experts, tools and templates, exclusive interviews and extensive company profiles detailing business strategies and tactics that you can’t get anywhere else, including lessons on improving leadership style, using methods from the experts at Harvard Business Review, compilations of insights from business leaders around the world, and in-depth analyses of some of Australia’s fastest growing companies

These are resources especially commissioned and sourced by the SmartCompany team that are distinct from the daily news and business analysis SmartCompany publishes for free.

Can I access SmartCompany Plus articles from one place?

All SmartCompany Plus content can be found at when you have a current subscription. You will also receive links via email to new content as it is published.

I’m interested in contributing to SmartCompany Plus. Who should I speak to?

If you’re interested in contributing to Plus, please email the coordinating editor Paul Brescia: [email protected]

Can I share SmartCompany Plus articles and tools with my colleagues?

SmartCompany Plus provides access to certain sections and features of the website that are not available to non-subscribers. While subscribers are able to share links to content via social media or email, subject to your use of the Website in accordance with the limited Licence granted to subscribers, it is an infringement on SmartCompany’s intellectual property to modify, copy, republish, frame, or distribute SmartCompany Plus content. You can find our full terms of use here

I don’t currently receive the SmartCompany Plus weekend newsletter. Can you sign me up?

Sure. If you think you’re missing out on any of our emails, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get that sorted for you.

I’m having trouble logging in to my Plus account. Where do I go for help?

You can email [email protected] and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I no longer want to be a SmartCompany Plus member. How do I end my subscription? 

If you need to change any details associated with your subscription – including cancellation – head to your account on the SmartCompany website, which can be found in the top right hand corner of your screen.


General questions about SmartCompany


Who owns SmartCompany?

SmartCompany is owned by Private Media. You can find out all about SmartCompany on our About page.

Can I still access SmartCompany content for free, without paying for SmartCompany Plus?

Yes, around 70-80% of our content is completely free and you can subscribe to the daily email here

How do I unsubscribe from the SmartCompany daily newsletters?

You can unsubscribe to the daily newsletters by following the link in the footer of those emails, or else get in touch at [email protected].

I’m receiving push notifications from SmartCompany but don’t want to. How can I deactivate them?

Push notifications from SmartCompany (and other websites) are activated via your web browser, which means they are managed directly via the browser on your computer or device. 

This guide explains how to deactivate the notifications. 

SmartCompany does not collect personal information about users who received push notifications from our website. 

Do you accept guest posts on SmartCompany

Yes. We love to share pieces written by Australian business owners and entrepreneurs that are opinion-based or directly linked to the news cycle. Our guidelines for these articles are available here.

If your article is advice-based or about a more evergreen topic, it may be suited to SmartCompany Plus. You’ll find more information about contributing to SmartCompany Plus on the same page

Can you add a link to my website or article from a SmartCompany article?

We understand many businesses like to secure backlinks for their websites or content they’ve published, however, we have an editorial policy of not adding new backlinks to our editorial articles. We are not able to insert a link to your blog post or website in one of our articles. 

I’d like to advertise on SmartCompany. Who should I speak to?

SmartCompany offers valuable and highly targeted commercial opportunities for advertisers seeking to reach SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups. Find out more information about working with us here, or email us at [email protected].