Blended Digital - Damon McMillan, Adam Crow

Blended Digital

REVENUE: $1.93 million
GROWTH: 139.16%
FOUNDER: Damon McMillan (32), Adam Crow
HEAD OFFICE: Melbourne
INDUSTRY: Marketing and communications

How it started

After years of working in martech consultancies in Australia and internationally, Damon McMillan and Adam Crow were frustrated watching campaigns struggle to succeed, so they founded Blended Digital to create a company that was platform agnostic, and fully independent.

With no reciprocal relationships with software vendors, and taking no commissions from sales and servicing, the founders believe that their business has struck a chord in the market since 2018.


Now in its fourth year of operations, Blended Digital has achieved solid growth throughout. From $807,000 in revenue in 2018-19, it’s since doubled, reaching $1.93 million in 2020-21.

With a target to beat that by 90% in the current financial year, the founders say they are already on track to hit it based on the first quarter results.

Where to next?

To scale the business, Blended Digital wants to bring its headcount from 17 to 25 in the current financial year.

It’s also looking to land more whales than fish, aiming for 50% of its new clients to be large businesses, with 30% medium-sized, and the remaining 20% small businesses.

The goal is for six to eight clients to make up the large majority of revenue, with longevity being key. The founders tell SmartCompany, “our goal is to measure client tenure in decades — not years”.