Smart50 Awards CaSE & Pike Design

CaSE & Pike Design

REVENUE: $5.3 million
GROWTH: 63.3%
FOUNDER: Colin Calder (51), Jonathan Davies (47)
INDUSTRY: Construction

How it started

CaSE & Pike Design was founded in March 2017 by directors Colin Calder and Jonathan Davies. With the construction boom in Sydney in its early stages, they saw a window to create a company formed of skilled engineers and temporary works designers with a skill base in bridges and complex structures.

The business’s first project in Australia was Grafton Bridge, a 525-metre long crossing, working with Fulton Hogan.


Since that first project, the business has grown and spread internationally, with its bridge building experts giving advice across Australia, UK, Hong Kong and Spain.

Revenue for the business has grown from a base of $3.24 million in the 2018-19 financial year to $5.3 million in 2020-21, with the team also growing by seven over the past 12 months.

Where to next?

Focused on international markets to fuel future growth, the business is creating offices across Edinburgh, Spain, Brazil and Hong Kong, while also adding temporary works design, project management, and onsite supervision abroad.

Internally, CaSE is focused on doubling the number of women in its team by 2030, especially graduates. The engineering industry remains a heavily male-dominated industry, with CaSE citing figures that show over the past 30 years women have consistently made up only 2% of trade and semi-skilled workers in Australian construction.