Cube Online - Tony Van-Eyk

Cube Online

REVENUE: $8.3 million
GROWTH: 427.1%
FOUNDER: Tony Van-Eyk (34)
INDUSTRY: Marketing and communications

How it started

Founded back in 2017, Cube Online is a Sydney-based digital marketing and software company focused on helping small businesses grow.

While there were plenty of marketing agencies out there, there were few businesses bringing those capabilities together, founder Tony Van-Eyk explains.

Cube specialises in hyper-localised marketing, offering both tech and strategy support to help businesses find and convert customers in their local areas.

And the model seems to work. In its first year of business, Cube turned over $1 million in revenue.


Like so many businesses, Cube faced significant challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As businesses reined in their expenses to weather the storm, marketing costs were among the first to be cut.

The team was quick to pivot, launching its new ‘Bricks 2 Clicks’ service, helping businesses launch and promote an e-commerce store within seven days — something Van-Eyk says was “a huge success”.

The business also focused its own marketing efforts on industries and geographies that were less affected by the pandemic.

All of this meant Cube doubled its customer base and onboarded 35 new employees in the space of 12 months.

Where to next?

Van-Eyk does have an exit strategy in mind, either via a sale or an IPO. But he has plenty he wants to achieve first.

Cube’s growth strategy is now focused on data. The business has hired two data analysts to help guide its long-term success, he explains.

The founder is also looking to expand overseas, targeting the New Zealand and UK markets over the next 12 months.

Ultimately Van-Eyk is working towards a goal of reaching 10,000 customers in at least four international markets before he will consider handing over the reins.