REVENUE: $7.5 million
GROWTH: 1441.06%
FOUNDER: Asher Freilich (41), Maxim Shklyar (45)
HEAD OFFICE: Melbourne
INDUSTRY: Healthcare and medical

How it started

Before co-founding InstantScripts, Asher Freilich worked as a general practitioner and saw first hand how organising medical prescriptions created frustration for doctors and patients alike.

In 2017, he set out to streamline how doctors issue prescriptions by creating InstantScripts, allowing people to order medical scripts and attend doctor consultations online.

Since then, InstantScripts has improved the way people receive routine or repeat medical scripts, saving patients time and reducing the burden on GP clinics.


When demand for telehealth services boomed throughout the coronavirus pandemic, InstantScripts experienced huge revenue growth.

In the financial year 2018-19, InstantScripts’ revenue was almost $500,000. Fast-forward to 2020-21, the business’ revenue had increased to $7.5 million.

Where to next?

Co-founders Freilich and Maxim Shklyar said their growth strategy centres around ensuring clients return by offering a quality service and continuously bringing new customers into the ecosystem.

“We have a pipeline of exciting new products coming online in the coming months,” the founders said.