Smart 50 Awards 2021: Link Advisors

Link Advisors

REVENUE: $1.43 million
GROWTH: 73.82%
FOUNDER: Chris Tinta (35), James Webb, Hugh Dellit
INDUSTRY: Accounting

How it started

Chris Tinta was introduced to James Webb through a former colleague, with the two teaming up to turn bookkeeping practice LINK into chartered accounting firm LINK Advisors.

Tinta says he left “a well-paying, comfortable job as a manager in a chartered accounting firm to start from $0 in a brand new business”, but it ended up being the best decision he’s ever made. 


“We were lucky in that we had no legacy clients, staff or systems, and were able to start off with the best of breed in all aspects,” says Tinta.

Growing rapidly from the start, Tinta says LINK Advisors put its first staff member on three months after starting, with a focus on building a presence on Google from day one.

“We had to do this, since we could not rely on established referral networks. We’ve got 240+ Google reviews now and our website dominates the online space.”

With a full-time chartered accountant in place as business development manager, Tinta says the business is sitting on an approximate growth rate of 50% this year from last year.

Where to next?

Tinta says LINK Advisors plan to double the team in the next two years, if not sooner. Alongside new employees, the business is building out into client support areas not traditionally provided by accountants.

The founders are also settling on plans for their first satellite office, set for the Sunshine Coast where they already have clients.