Smart50 Awards LVLY


REVENUE: $13.9 million
GROWTH: 629.9%
FOUNDER: Hannah Spilva (39), Verity Tuck (39)
HEAD OFFICE: Melbourne
INDUSTRY: Retail and consumer products

How it started

The idea for the flower delivery business LVLY started with a purpose rather than a product.

Hannah Spilva (pictured) and Verity Tuck set out to build a business that would bring people together while they were living in the UK away from their families.

“What started as a desire to spread joy has evolved into a fast growth e-commerce business that has disrupted the Australian flower category and set new standards for same-day delivery,” Spilva and Tuck said.


For the past five years the founders have focused on optimising their products, packaging and pricing strategies to provide a personalised experience for customers while supporting Australian flower farmers.

And the approach has proved successful. Last financial year, the business’ revenue hit $13.9 million, up from $3.8 million the year before.

Where to next?

If past performance is anything to go by, the outlook for LVLY is promising.

The founders plan to start next year by responding to their customers’ preference for “more LVLY, more options, more locations”.

“We’re also working on improving our digital smarts — improving our website, email and CRM platform, trialling new channels such as SMS marketing and focusing on what we love doing,” the co-founders said.