Muscle Nation - Nathaniel Anthony, Chris Anastasi

Muscle Nation

REVENUE: $51.3 million
GROWTH: 321.7%
FOUNDER: Nathaniel Anthony (31), Chris Anastasi (37)
INDUSTRY: Retail and consumer products

How it started

Muscle Nation was always about more than providing a product. The co-founders set out to create a stellar customer experience, a brand that customers could connect with, and a strong community of like-minded people. And it worked.

Many of the challenges Muscle Nation has faced have been down to exponential growth. In the early days, the website would crash each time the founders launched a new product.

They also struggled with cash flow, investing in the right areas, hiring fast enough to meet demand and with warehouse efficiency.


Having started out with clothing, the brand now also sells supplements and food products, now having about 1000 products and shipping to 150 countries.

But the community ethos remains at the core of the business, and it now boasts a community of about 2 million followers, as well as a healthy revenue growth trajectory.

Where to next?

Muscle Nation’s ‘conservative’ revenue growth target for the next financial year is 25-30%, co-founder Nathanial Anthony says.

The business already has products on the shelves in Coles supermarkets, and is set to expand its range there while also launching in more grocery stores and pharmacies around the country.

There are also projects in the works for the activewear and supplement verticals.

But the co-founders are “just getting started”, Anthony says.

“We are very motivated, driven and are very excited with how much we want to do.”