Open - from left Jason Wilby, Jonathan Buck


REVENUE: $8.2 million
GROWTH: 628.7%
FOUNDER: Jonathan Buck (44), Jason Wilby (40)
INDUSTRY: Insurance and superannuation

How it started

Open was founded five years ago when Jonathan Buck and Jason Wilby saw the opportunity for technology to simplify retail insurance.

The co-founders went on to build scalable industry solutions that they provide directly to consumers through their brand Huddle and to well-known businesses such as Telstra and ahm.


The business experienced a period of growth throughout the pandemic, allowing it to add to its Sydney and Sunshine Coast offices with new spaces in Auckland, Queenstown and Melbourne.

At the same time, the business almost doubled its headcount, hiring 20 new team members to work in its new offices.

Where to next?

Buck and Wilby have no plans to exit Open any time soon, instead they’ve set their “hearts on continuing to solve customer problems and creating value for customers”.

The next 12 months will see the founders focus on growing their consumer brand and B2B white label offering across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

“In order to do both of these, we will need to continue to invest in our technology platform, develop new insurance products and features that enable customers to save time and money,” the founders said.